The Fair opens with the night of the»pescaíto», on friday April 28 at 24:00 hours, with the spectacular lighting of thousands of light bulbs, which illuminate the main door and the streets of the enclosure.

Come and join the residents of Seville, who take their hearts to the Real de la Feria (Fair Ground), to the rhythm of Sevillanas, as if the city had moved location for a few days.

Music plays all the while, colour explodes all around, bright, spotted dresses adorn the surroundings, and riders show off their horses amidst the crowds. Seville awaits you…

*  Morning Experience:

  • Traditions (Dressing & Dancing & Cooking)
  • Cultural Tour
  • Wellness (Beauty & Spa) / Sports (Golf & Yoga & Bikram)

*  Horse-draw carriage experience

*  Lunches and dinners in the fair ground 

 Tickets: Bull fight, Flamenco Show, Guided tours, Cooking & Sevillana Class; many others…

Rocío 2015