Discover “the rocio” culture in a unique way.

What’s aventurOlé about?

Experience The ‘Rocio’ as a true local pilgrim, and let us lead the way.

The devotion to Our Lady of “El Rocio”

is unique and has a sense of faith, belief and tradition mixed with bountiful adventure and fun!

Very few religious pilgrimages get mangage to gather together so many people simultaneously, especially when it comes to one of the most important catholic traditions and typical Andalusian festive folklore.

The boom of this event , the restricted hotel capacity , and the number of necessary elements you need to make the journey as local pilgrims’, difficult the experience or access to those unfamiliar or connected with the Rocio atmosphere.

We offer you the pilgrimage adventure all year long.

Where does this experience take place?

An environment that awakens the senses

Located in a privileged geographic environment, the Aljarafe-Doñana gives us the opportunity to explore hideaways and extraordinaries natural spots, places to discover the special miscellaneous of a nature that gives to this County a varied landscape unique in the Seville Province.

Who are we?

A young and dynamic team

The Aventurolé team is young, dynamic and with experience and knowledge of local tourism and customs. All members of the team are bilingual.

We love Nature and Spanish traditions. As each member of our team is specialised in our own field, we aim at surprising you with our way of living the Andalusian culture.

What do we offer?

A once in a lifetime and unforgettable ‘rociera’ experience.

The ‘Rocio’ pilgrimage will transform you from the inside by living and feeling every single moment. It is a unique and exclusive experience that you will only understand living it firsthand.

A traditional and natural environment, music and nature, together with the best Mediterranean cuisine and, of course, lots of dancing, making friends and laughter will make this an unforgettable journey.

Whatever your reason, we are you best choice for guides on this unique journey. 

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